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Fort Wayne SEO Success Story

I built a website a few years ago for Midtowne Realty. They are one of Fort Wayne’s top property management companies and own the best apartment buildings in downtown Fort Wayne. This includes Worthington Manor, West Berry Apartments, Jackson Manor, and many other buildings.

The original website showcases all of their properties, shows available houses and apartments, as well as the application process, and a contact area. Even though the website was meeting their needs, they were having very little traction on Google. They really wanted to see their company in top search engine listings above their competitors, especially in the downtown Fort Wayne area.

I sat down and mapped a plan for their website. I started by reworking all of the pages of their current website with the integration of more content into the front-end as well as insertion into the HTML code directly. I watched the results play out on Google and then took the next step of creating a mobile version which allows for a mirror to the original site except this version is viewable on mobile phones and iPads. This also allows for the opportunity to essentially double the keywords.

I waited another week to watch the Google results from the recent construction. Their ranking continued to grow. I created social media pages for their website through Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Each of these allows them unique opportunities to build links, connect with customers, and spread the word regarding their business. A week later, I watched the results continue to grow higher.

It was at this time that I created an extra set of pages for the properties themselves, filled with the content and keywords for the keywords that they were wanting to see more traction on. The social media will allow for continued growth on the website and will be able to be taken over by Midtowne Management.

Each website has it’s own unique opportunities for more growth and visibility. There are a number of tools and tricks I have learned over the years to help make this possible. SEO results depend upon the market, the competition, the current website, the age of the website, the size of the website, and other factors but with enough time, tracking, and work, results are possible.

In 5 short weeks, Midtowne went from having no ranking on all of their desired top 20 keywords to being in the Top 5 and Top 10 for ALL of their keywords, even landing in the coveted #1 spot for a few of those. It was a pleasure placing them on the map, and helping them to get a lead-in against their competition. They now have the solid representation online that they have already established in everyday business here in downtown Fort Wayne.


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