seo-fort-wayneMy pricing for SEO is based per project. Most companies require two to four rounds of edits, content changes, and reporting. Each round of SEO is measured and invoiced and then it is up to the client on whether they would like to continue forward or if they are happy with the current results. I have worked on small scale and large scale SEO projects for websites that range from 100 visits a week to 30,000 visits a week. My SEO invoices are sent with detailed reporting about my findings. I try to give as many answers and as much power back to the client as possible so they can decide where they would like to go next in terms of SEO findings.

There is no website too small or too big for an SEO review. When the SEO foundation is set up correctly, it can cut your marketing campaigns and monthly advertising budgets significantly. My rate for SEO work is $100 an hour with no minimum fee.


Final SEO reporting includes:

Data charting of SEO keywords from beginning to end dates

Page by page details of changes made

Overview of the work completed

Recommendations for the future