Let’s Talk

I am available for public speaking engagements for any topics related to digital marketing or entrepreneurship.
I am open to large or more intimate settings.
I speak solo or co-speak with others.


Using Digital Marketing for the Faith Community at Trinity English, October 2018

Communication and Leadership at St. Francis University, October 2018

The Rebirth of Northeast Indiana at Proximo, September 2018

Human Library Book at ACPL, August 2018

The Power of Communication at Brotherhood Mutual, June 2018

Social Media & Entrepreneurship at ELS IPFW, May 2018

Social Media for Professionals at IPFW, March 2018

How Leaders should use Social Media at Arts United, February 2018

Social Media Etiquette and Entreprenuership at St. Francis University, 2017

The Perfect Circle of Digital Marketing at Parkview Field, 2017

Social Media & Entrepreneurship at ELS IPFW, 2017

Connect Session at Hotel Fort Wayne, 2017

USF Network for Success at USF Performing Arts Center in Fort Wayne, 2017

Social Media & Effective Communication at ITA/INCOST Conference in Carmel, 2016

Social Media for Businesses for Downtown Improvement District’s DBC at ACPL, 2016

Progressive Social Hour Diversity Panel at Wunderkammer, 2016

Social Media & Entrepreneurship at ELS IPFW, 2016

Social Media for Nonprofits (with Heather Schoegler) at Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, 2016

Connect Session at Allen Co War Memorial Coliseum, 2016

Career Panel Discussion at YLNI Leadership Class, 2016

How to Have Success as an Entrepreneur at St. Francis META Program, 2015

Market JA through Social Media (with Heather Schoegler) at Junior Achievement, 2015

Technology & Professionalism in the Workplace at IPFW, 2015

Social Media 101 at Paul Clark Non Profit Resource Center at ACPL, 2015

Web Development Q & A (with Chris Fletcher) at IPFW, 2014

Social Media Success & Establishing your Career with Mitch Harper at St. Francis University, 2014

Social Media 101: for Businesses for Downtown Improvement District’s DBC at ACPL, 2014

Q&A with a Millennial Panel at Wunderkammer Co., 2014

Tips for Social Media Success for Downtown Improvement District’s DBC at History Center, 2013

Web Development and Mobile Compatibility at ITT Tech, 2013