Our Products

Since 1913, the Koehlinger family has been providing the finest security equipment and services to our clients. In addition, we install and service all our products with quality foremost in our minds. We look forward to helping you prevent security problems before they occur. Take a moment to review all of our products.

We specialize in Access Control Systems, Video Security Systems, Digital Video Recorders, Hidden Surveillance Cameras, Medeco Security Locks, Master Key Systems, Commercial Door Hardware, Residential Door Hardware, High Security Safes, Depository Safes, Fire Safes & Files, Computer Data Safes, GlobaLok Digital Safe Locks, 24/7 Emergency Service, Safe Service, and 24/7 Opening & Repair.


Access Control Systems

Control & Track Entry
Respond Quickly to Security Threats
Access Control Systems allow a manager to respond quickly to a security problem — be it a lost card or disgruntled ex-employee — by removing an individual’s code, or credential, from the system. Higher end systems allow time zone control (time of day and day of week), reports by individual or door and controlled access during holidays.

KST Offers Two Types of Access Control

Self-Contained Electronic Locksets
Provide low-cost control and documentation of entry (optional) into an office, storeroom, or computer room.
Networked Access Control Systems
Our line of Continental Access Systems can control up to 1,024 doors, more than 100,000 employees, is able to fully utilize Ethernet networks for communication, and can generate access reports by employee, door and date.

Video Security Systems

Detect, Deter and Document Internal & External Threats Against Your Business
Companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars from internal theft and external loss. State of the art cameras can be mounted in plain view or hidden to detect illegal activity. This is one of the best investments your company can make.

Medeco High Security Locks

Control Unauthorized Key Duplication
Prevent the most common reason for the compromise of a master key system and your security — unauthorized key duplication.

Safes & Files

Protect Your Investments from Fire & Theft
Since 1913 Koehlinger has been Northern Indiana’s leader in security containers. From fire files to vaults Koehlinger has the experience you need to protect your vital assets.

KST can help you protect cash, paper records and high value possessions. Computer Media Safes can secure your critical and expensive-to-create computer data.

Commercial Quality Door Hardware

Reduce Maintenance Costs by Installing High Quality Hardware
Instead of “saving money” by using low-cost, low-quality door hardware, let Koehlinger Security Technology help you handle high doorway traffic loads, with reduced maintenance costs, by choosing from our lines of Commercial Quality Door Hardware.

-Von Duprin Exit Devices
-LCN Door Closers
-Door Hardware from All Major Manufacturers