Web Design, SEO, Social Media, & Digital Marketing

Since 2006 | Fort Wayne, Indiana


Web DevelopmentI have created award winning, SEO based web developments since 2006. With over 100 web developments from ground-up HTML to CMS-based WordPress constructions, I am well-versed in mobile adaptability and web design.


SEO DevelopmentIf you have a website but no one can find it, then we have accomplished very little. In today’s world, we all need representation on the first page of search engine rankings. If your website needs results, I can help with search engine optimization.


Social Media ManagementI manage the social media accounts for two dozen local companies in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana. Social media is about building conversation. When I’m involved, the conversation never stops. I work on a wide range of platforms, seven days a week.


Digital Marketing Campaigns:
Whether you need help planning the marketing for a Fort Wayne event or want to build a campaign for the launch of a new product, I have experience in all avenues of digital marketing and am always open to assisting.